Efroh Corporation

The Business is certified by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and the State ofCalifornia as a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB).

Efroh Corporation

In Efroh, we recognize and treat our clients as family. We endeavor to provide services and products of better and greater value.
The Corporation is Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB). The Business is certified by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and the State ofCalifornia as aSDVOSB. We are registered as a SB/SDVOSB Set Aside supplier and vendor in theState of California Market Place (Cal eProcure), Defense Logistics Agency InternetBid Board System (DIBBS) and for the U.S States Federal Agencies (FedConnect)
Our Company invests in smart, affordable,and innovative technologies to service four key areas which include:

1. Logistics and Supply Management
2. IT, Data and Record Management
3. Construction and Affordable Housing
4. State of California Businesses Support Services


Logistics & Supply Management

Efroh combines innovation, design, management, and technology and communication network to advance service provision, material handling, and delivery to customers. We consult and coordinate with our clients-family to harmonize and improve logistics and supply chain processes for quality and stability.Our military veterans and civilian expert staff, with over 30 years of procurement and sourcing experience, combines your tangible needs with the intangibles to meet procurement quality, affordability, creativity, and schedule. ...View More


IT, Data and Record Management 

Technical Data & Records Management – we support organizationswith functional support, analysis, Inventory, and records managementservices, equipment, human resources, methodologies, training, anddesktop practices. Our technology-savvy professionals and partners havediverse expertise in Cloud WMS, RFID, Scanners, databases, cold-chainmonitoring, digital imaging, data backup & recovery, and secure shredding& destruction...View More


Construction and Affordable Housing

Efroh’s goal is to explore and implement housing projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. To meet the challenges caused by the rapid urbanization as well as a growing slum population, Efroh’s long-term objective is to provide affordable housing for communities who would otherwise not have access to formal housing or unreasonable mortgage loans...View More


State of California Businesses Support Services

We offer experienced office personnel management and provide essential administrative support duties and services such as data entry, clerical, project administration, human resources, and customer support services...View More

Efroh is registered by the California Secretary of State as a Registered Corporate Agent for Service of Process Certificate. The corporation is also authorized by the Secretary to offer Prepay Priority Telephone Services. Our Business Support Service Include:

  • Documents Filing
  • Name Reservation
  • Request Information
  • Registered Agent of Service
  • Filing Tips and Consultation
  • Statement of Information Filing 
  • Pre-Clearance and Expedited Filing 

Reason to consider working with for your business’s needs: 

  • We save you time, money, and the hustle
  • We will handle all the paperwork
  • We offer Free Consultation for California-based Business Registration Services
  • We charge a minimum fee on annual and biannual filings

Competetive Advantage

To meet our priority of providing services and products of better and greater value, Efroh focuses on the customers’ needs for the highest quality, affordability, and excellent customer care. Efroh invest its resources to ensure these three customers’ expectations exceeded. 

  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Status we have a scalable potential to partner, contract and subcontract on industrial and government requirements. We have advantage of connecting and employing the best of military veterans and civilian personnel.
  • Unique Structure we have outsourcing ability and operate on Lean Six Sigma principles. The unique limited corporate structure allows us to continually examine our processes, avoid wastes, operate with minimal overhead, and run extremely efficiently. Our business model provides flexibility to research on sourcing, quality and price. This way we are able to aggressively reduce service lead-time, supply chain time, procurement and delivery costs by up to 25%. This gives our partners and us an important and immediate advantage over the conventional companies. Ty it now!
  • US Government Security Clearance and Industry Niche The owners and 80% of the partners are military veterans with Active and Reactive Security Clearances and over 30 years of experience in technology and cybersecurity, logistics, procurements, administration, data and records management. Our diverse pool of talents and network is an advantage to many agencies and corporations.Try it now!

Everyday Efroh Corporation is a new day for us and we work really hard to satisfy our customer everywhere.

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