Where are your scanners made?

All book2net scanning systems are developed and manufactured directly on site at the MICROBOX GmbH headquarters in Bad Nauheim, Germany.

Our team of specialists combines knowledge from a wide variety of areas. We offer our customers an unbeatable first-hand overall concept: research & development, production & manufacturing, consulting & sales, hardware & software, and installation & service. Quality made in Germany, directly from the manufacturer.

Are your scanners produced sustainably?

Yes, we focus on sustainability and produce directly on site in Bad Nauheim. We also purchase 90% of our materials from regional suppliers. In this way we can guarantee the quality and durability of our products. Our devices also have extremely low energy consumption and can be retrofitted or upgraded cost-effectively. This is an investment that pays off, for both our environment and our customers.


How and where can i order a book2net scanner?

You can generally request an offer using our contact form or via the product page of the respective device that interests you. We will then forward your request to our responsible customer service representative or dealer.

Why can't i find any price lists on your website?

In addition to an extensive product range, we also offer numerous individual options for equipping our devices in order to be able to optimally adapt them to the specifications and wishes of our customers and their project conditions. As a result, the prices of individual devices vary depending on the configuration and equipment. However, upon request you will be happy to receive a non-binding cost estimate for the product you require.

What delivery times do I have to expect?

Our delivery times are usually 30 to 90 days, depending on the type of device, freight conditions, etc.

Can I lease a scanner?

Yes, we would be happy to advise you if you are looking for an optimal and cost-effective leasing solution for your project.

Can I trade in my old scanner?

This is possible after consultation.


What ambient conditions does the scanner need?

A vibration-free, level surface, a constant room temperature (between 10°C to 38°C), constant humidity (10% to 85% relative humidity; non-condensing) and constant ambient light are ideal. Direct sunlight, changing lighting conditions, reflective wall and floor colors can have a negative impact on the scan results.

We would be happy to advise you on the choice of a suitable location for your device.

What do I have to consider if my scanner changes location?

When moving to another location, the device must be recalibrated. We therefore recommend having this carried out by one of our technicians or after consultation with one of our technicians, as otherwise subsequent damage etc. are not included in the scope of guarantee or maintenance.

Do you offer training for employees and users?

Yes, we always offer the possibility of staff training in connection with the installation. This can be done on site or remotely.


How high is the energy requirement of the devices?

All of our devices are extremely energy-efficient. The average consumption is 80 VA.

How high is the noise generation?

All of our devices work very quietly. The average noise emission is ≤ 40 dB (A).

How high is the exposure to radiation and emissions?

Our scanning systems are environmentally friendly and user-friendly:

No UV/IR radiation
No ozone, no emissions
No heat load
Lowest noise emissions
Low EnergyControl (LEC)


What is the average lifespan of your scanners?

Our scanners are very durable and low-maintenance, thus ensuring a long lifespan. Of the devices delivered since 2005, 90% are still in use today.

What wear and tear do I have to expect?

Our systems are made from high quality industrial components. They correspond to the highest industrial standards and are therefore very low-maintenance and low-wear. This also applies to the high-quality optics of the camera system. The camera does not have a mechanical shutter and works without wear. The sensors we use have a service life of ≥ 25,000 operating hours, the LEDs used for lighting ≥ 50,000 hours, and the touchscreens are designed for more than 5 million touches. Operational wear and tear can occur on components such as glass or Makrolon plates, the coverings of the book support surfaces or the USB plugs, depending on the stress.


What kind of customer service do you offer?

We offer all customers a direct online support service that can be requested via the ticket system on our website.

In addition, we have our own service technicians distributed throughout Germany who provide on-site service for German-speaking countries and areas close to the German border.

Do you offer maintenance contracts?

Yes, we offer maintenance contracts and customer care packages; the minimum term is 12 months. The contracts can be extended by at least one year.

What is the maintenance cycle for your scanning systems?

Basically, our devices are very low-maintenance. For high-performance scanners that are in constant use, we recommend taking out a maintenance contract or customer care package.

Do you offer an extended warranty?

Yes, we offer an extension that goes beyond the statutory guarantee. The maximum extended warranty is 5 years.


Are your scanners also available with a resolution of 600 dpi?

Yes. We offer many of our products with a resolution of 600 dpi and more.

Do you also offer V-scanners with a reduced opening angle?

Yes. We offer a wide range of V-scanners; from the A2 table-top unit to the high-end reprographic studio with a double-head camera system.

Does the PC need a USB 3 port for your scanner?

A USB 3 port is highly recommended for best results.

Does the quality of your scanners meet the recommended standards of METAMORFOZE, FADGI and ISO?

Yes. Our scanners comply with the digitization guidelines of leading institutions such as METAMORFOZE, FADGI and ISO; the exact classification depends on the device in question. We would be happy to help you find the right device for your requirements.

Can I reorder or upgrade options?

Numerous options can be reordered and retrofitted in both hardware and software. This depends on the basic configuration of the system. Our team will be happy to advise you on the various options in detail.

Which scanner and which accessories do you recommend for sensitive and difficult documents?

Basically, all of our scanners are designed to capture documents as gently as possible (gentle LED lighting, self-adjusting book cradles, etc.). In addition, we offer special solutions such as glass-free, gentle pressure and contact systems, museum glass, special coating of the book cradle, V-shape book cradles for reduced opening angles, etc. Our team will be happy to advise you on the best possible solutions for your project. 


What are the advantages of the CMOS area sensor technology you are using?

You can find further information on CMOS sensor technology as well as more information about digitization in our glossary.

What are the advantages of the X71 camera over conventional consumer cameras?

The X71 is characterized by a high depth of field, low signal noise and distortion-free, reproducible, color-accurate images. The color accuracy corresponds to the MERAMORFOZE, FADGI and ISO standards.

In contrast to conventional consumer cameras, the X71 does not work with a standard autofocus, in which the focal length is automatically set before the shutter is released so that the object to be photographed is in focus. Although this function is very useful for private amateur photographers, it is not very helpful for professional digitization. Due to the frequent change of focus, the size of the image section does not remain constant either. This leads to image jumps when looking at the scans. In addition, the mechanics of such cameras are designed more for horizontal photography. Working overhead, such as with a repro system, makes working conditions difficult. With a daily number of several thousand scans, these consumer cameras wear out very quickly.

To minimize this wear and tear and to ensure a comfortable and productive workflow, we use a motorized focus that automatically focuses on defined positions while maintaining its settings. This gives our customers the advantage of quick focus adjustment without having to accept the disadvantages mentioned above.


Are there help instructions in English for the scan software?


Is the user interface also available in languages other than German and English?

Yes. The language selection of the user interface can be set individually. You can set up to 16 languages.

Can I define the file names for my documents myself?

Yes. You can easily define the names and files and job orders yourself.

Does the software have OCR?

Yes, an OCR software module can be integrated for certain configurations.

Will the software on the scanner also be renewed? Are there any updates?

Yes, as far as the hardware configuration allows, updates and upgrades are possible. We also offer our customers a software maintenance contract.

How long is my software license valid?

The software license runs for the entire lifespan of the device.

Does the camera have an SDK?


Is it possible to integrate third-party software?

Yes, either via SDK or TWAIN interface.

Does the scanning software allow metadata to be generated?

Yes. We offer the INDIGO software module to expand our scan software and scan clients. This allows metadata to be generated in a variety of structures.


Can you provide customer testimonials?

You can view a selection of case studies on the Good2know section of our website: https://book2net.net/en/media-library/ 

If you are looking for references for special scanning solutions or in your immediate vicinity, please feel free to contact us directly. Our team will be happy to give you the relevant contacts.


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